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Angie Robert
Born in Canada
24 years
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JOAN~ROBERT'S SISTER GB you Angie & Louise September 7, 2019
Angie & Louise this heart candle is for you both, GB you both always Sweet Angel's xoxoxoxoxoxoxo.
JOAN~ROBERT'S SISTER To My Sweet Friend June 16, 2019
Donna this poem is for you, hope you like it my friend.
All my love Joan xoxoxoxoxo.
JOAN~ROBERT'S SISTER To My Sweet Friend May 10, 2019
Happy Mother's Day Donna.
All my love your friend Joan xoxo
JOAN~ROBERT'S SISTER GB you Angie April 27, 2019
Donna this gift is for you my sweet friend.
Love always your friend Joan, Robert Walton's Sister xoxo
JOAN~ROBERT'S SISTER Hello April 21, 2019
Happy Easter to Donna and family.
Love Joan Taylor and family xoxo
JOAN~ROBERT'S SISTER Happy Easter Angie April 14, 2019
Happy Easter Time Angie to you and all your Family, GB you always xoxo
Grma-Louise To Angel Angie Is Death The Last Sleep? October 8, 2014
No it is the last and final awakening Angie,since Heaven has become your home.we sometimes feel so alone and though we now are far apart you hold a big piece of our heart..

We never know how much our heart would ache from that one day of October 9, 2004..

One day we shall meet again,you will be waiting at the Golden Gates in Heaven..

Our every tear with thoughts of you,We hold so dear and they'll become our special way to treasure our Reunion Day with all the  Love a Heart can hold..

So sweetie this little note is for tomorrow your 10th Angel Date our precious Angel Angie..

Rest in peace with God by your side and all your Angel Friends around you all the time..

Closiing for now Hugs & Kisses
   Your Loving Grandparents 
   Louise & David
   October 8,2014

Grma Louise To Angie Forever In Gods Care August 12, 2014
                A gift for such a little while your loss just seems so wrong,you should not have left before us it's with loved ones you belong..So many things happen down here like Neita passing away,she was a great person I know Great Uncle Jimmy will sure miss her he is taken it bad she stayed home till the end,he took good care of her then Susan help her Dad and was so good at it aii they were with Neita 24/7..Angie are you taken her down the streets of gold to let her see how beautiful everyyhing looks like..Don't forget Nana Powell she is my darling Mother it will be 40 years on the 30th of December that she will be gone,my my oh how I miss that precious Lady of mine..all though it has been said that time heals all wounds,some wounds are so deep that they never fully mend..My Birthday is today but not having you Angels here with us will never be the same..Just another day for it to end..
                                    God Bless and may he be with you all
                                     Love & Hugs your Loving Nanny Louise
                                                August 12,2014
Grma-Louise To Angie Sweet Angel Angie February 22, 2014
                                                                          February 22,2014
Happy Birthday Sweetie,It's sure to be the best one yet though you left
me here behind,did you think I'd forget?Your cake this year will surely be
a beauty to be hold with the icing made of silver and the candles made of gold..
Yes your Birthday in Heaven will be such a grand affair and I know you'll look so
lovely with a halo in your hair..The Angels will come from everywhere to sing your Birthday song and I know they'll be so happy that you've joined God's Happy Throng..I know I can't send a card or a gift anymore to you sweetie,so I will send a special prayer each year on your special day that you were born to that beautiful Granddaughter of mine..Enjoy your beautiful day on Monday Sweet Angel..
                                           Forever Loved and missed Nanny {Louise}
Proudest Auntie Tina Miss You SO VERY MUCH February 3, 2014
Hi Beautiful.....
Can't believe we are already in February.   This year the weather has been a true COLD FRIDGIT January with tons and tons of snow, making this a TRUE Canadian Winter.     

I was lucky enough to spend a full week at Nanny & Grampy's house....(I wrote about this on another section "What does Angie Mean to YOU"  Lol's.......

Nanny & Grampy need your help  to help them decide on their bathroom decisions, so visit them in your dreams, and let them know......AND at the same time, visit me in my dreams.....

Well sweetie, I am going to bed now, and hope to have sweet dreams of you, mmiss you to pieces.

Love always,
Auntie Tina
Louise-Grandmother Keeping in touch sweetie October 25, 2013
Hey sweetie,had your Auntie Jo-Anne,Uncle Bert in yesterday and they picked up Chinese food for supper then in the evening they watch the hockey..Tiffany will  be back tomorrow night on the 26 of Oct from Thyland she left on the second of Oct..And your Great Uncle Jimmy went to visit his Daughter Patricia in Georgia he left on the 20 of Oct and will be back on the fourth of Nov..Wish I could write something about you sweetie,saying that Angie and her son will be taking a trip together..It hurts so much not having you here with us..Will close for now dont feel the best having little pains in the chest..Angie I know you are always with me..
                                                  Love you Angie always and forever
                                                                Grma Louise xo xo 
Louise-Grma To Angie My thoughts are with you October 19, 2013
Hello Sweet Angie,Just to keep you up with the news Nikita and her hubby came over Thursday night and they slept over..Then Friday morning Grandpy and I went to see the Dr your Grandpy still has is cold and and for me my sugar and iron is up so I will have to watch out what I am eating..Also on thursday morning we had 2 apointment one at 9 am and the other at 11 am so we sure been busy..Your cousin is always doing things for me went shopping,did some washing,then did the lunch,also help with supper she never stops..They just left to go home Friday night at 11 pm..Love letting you know what kind of life we are living sweetie..Sending our love to you God Bless..
                                 Forever Nanny & Grandpy xo xo 
Grma-Louise To Angie Another Thanksgiving without you Angie October 13, 2013
Happy Thanksgiving and many Blessing my Darling Angie,will be thinking of you tomorrow but this is a sad time for us not having you here with us..This is the Holiday that we lost you the weekend of Thanksgiving October 9th 2004..So sweetie have a nice day in heaven tomorrow with Jesus and the Angels don't eat to much,sure will be thinking of you the whole day..Thank you for being my first Granddaughter,thank you for being my friend,thank you for sharing your love,from the beginning up to the end..

                              Stay happy and may God keep you safe
                               Love always and forever Grma Louise  
Louise-Grma To Angie Robert Forever In my thoughts October 11, 2013
Angie,your Grandpy clean the small shed himself this morning then Grandpy and I did the back yard so many leaves is falling so we don't stop..Yesterday we clean the big shed and that took a couple of hours..The weather is so beautiful that we don't need a sweather on it got so warm out..Getting it all done before the cold weather comes..We sure miss having you here to help us out..So my Angel have a good rest and may the good Lord watch over all of us..

                                 Love you always and forever Nanny
                                                   xo xo xo
Louise-Grma To Angie Robert Thinking of you onThanksgiving October 10, 2013
Hello my dear sweet angel,thinking of you as I do each day..Today is Thursday October 10th the day after your Angelversary..So sweetie you were sure not forgotten about yesterday with lots of beautiful graphics and candles..This weekend is Thanksgiving so it is a sad time for us losing you,at this time 9 years ago..You touched so many loving hearts there's so many missing you,also your baby boy as you now live in paradise in Heaven above..Many tears will fall for you on this thanksgiving holiday..But we will keep you in our hearts as this weekend comes and goes..So Happy Thanksgiving and many Blessings  sweetie also to all my loving family that passed away and all your Angel Friends too..Sending Love~Hugs to you all..

                                            God Bless Your Loving Nanny
                                             Forever and always xo xo xo                    
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