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Angie Robert
Born in Canada
24 years
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Summer Breeze

I know it's you
when I feel the breeze swish 
across my face.

I know it's you 
when I hear the whispers
from the seashells.

I know it's you
in my broken heart
as your tatooed there
for ever and ever.

I know it's you
when I smell the sweet
and beautiful and fresh.

I know it's you
one day I will be with again 
and it will be forever 
and ever.
written by Donna Robert

Dark Days 

Angie when you left us our world became so dark and took years to be able to learn to live laugh again....

Now those days are back among us...the news we have received in regards to your Nanny, Grandma breaking all of our hearts...

I know Jesus was there to hold your hand when you left tragic as it was...God would't let you go through it all by yourself...

You make sure Jesus and God knows how scared Nanny is and all of her family...let's pray he can take the darkness away and bring us the glory of the hope of the promise he made for us

We can only hope Nanny knows how much we appreciate her and love her...the same for you with her and us xo

 Happy 11th

Mother's Day
 in Heaven

Angie was a darling person...She was the world's most awesome daughter....the day she became a Mother is the day that she feel in love with her son...they meant everything to each other...

Unfortunately death stole her from her son...he was so young that he has a hard time remembering all the great things they did together and all the great time they spent together...

As a child I her Mom was blessed to have all her hugs and kisses...she was a very compassionate person...she loved everyone she met...she couldn't see any wrong in anyone...

My heart broke when Angie is still very cracked...but it's much better then it was 10 years ago...There is no worse pain than losing a a parent you're suppose to protect them and let know harm come their way...but sometimes things are out of our control...and we don't have any way of stopping things from happening...

Appreciate and worship each day on never know when it will be your last day...or the last day of someone you love...  

The one thing we all have to look forward to is the believe that all your loved ones feel they will be with you again one day xo

Me and my beautiful daughter

Me with Angie...Me with my Mom! There was and is enough love that we had for each other and for all we knew...My Mom learned from my grandmother...I from my Mom and Grandmother...and Angie from I, my Mom and my Grandmother...generations of love. respect and value...

Jeremy was a lucky boy to have Angie as his Mom...even if it was only for near 3 day he'll be with her again and they'll have one another to continue their life together forever xo 

Celebrate big time with all your Angel Friends Angie .... Happy Mother's Day to them all xo 

The Perfect Mommy for sure
Angie Robert

From Kathy Riggins Mosher

From Maria Peixoto Baptista

For Punkie from of the last photos of you

From Maria Peixoto Baptista

From Dianne White Grerse

From  Martha Suhub

From Maria Peixoto Baptista

From Maria Peixoto Baptista

Kathy Riggins Mosher

Maria Peixoto Baptista

From Diane Wright

From Dianne White Greise



This will be Angie's 11th Heavenly Birthday with all her Angel many birthdays here without her...but not a birthday went by that we did not celerbate....

Our little Punkie...was smiling when she was born and knowing her she left with a smile...why because I know Jesus was there holding her hand...

From you to me..Angie...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I remember all the 
roses you picked for me!

Mmmmm chocolate cake

From Peggy Jeanine Woody

From Cheryl A. Roy

From Peggy Jeanine Woody

Diana Moore

From Diana Moore


Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Not a day goes by
That we don't think
of you!

From Peggy Jeanine Woody

The sweetest thing about this cake is you Angie xo

Our precious little sweet, caring and wrapped yourself around our hearts like this ribbon around your graphic.
We miss you so much
Punkie xo

All our love to our precious first born granddaughter, Angie. Love Nanny and Grandpy xo
Not a day goes by that we don't think of you all day...every day xo

Another Year Begins

without our precious

Our Angie is blessed to have so many Angel Friends now that she is in Heaven

This is Angie's 10th year that she has passed and left us all broken hearted

This is a photo taken of Angie at the last family reunion she attended. The reunions go on each year and she is never forgotten...she is with all of us in our hearts and thoughts

Angie and her precious son. So sad that a child can't have his Mom in his life...but he's blessed to have so many people who love him. She would be so proud of him. 

Angie watches over us and makes sure we are safe and happy...Angie was our world and the love she gave us all...has continued to grow...each and every day.

My baby girl grew into a lovely lady...she will not have the chance to continue to grow here on earth...but we'll be blessed to be with her again one will be forever and nothing will ever seperate us again.

This is Angie's Mom and Grandmother Louise...we love all the Angels...Louise lights candles and Donna makes graphics...together we help to keep the memories of all of the precious Angels memories alive.

Angie had two brothers. Her Dad and I was blessed with a very happy and loving life with our children. They are not young anymore...the years are flying in our memories we'll always remember our children as the happy kids they were.

Angie was in a fashion show at the age of 16 and she wore this dress...she begged us to buy this dress for her prom...she loved it.

The years slip away...but your memories and your love continues to grow strongly in all of us..we love you Angie xo

It is only after you lose a child in a family that you realize how much love hurts. When a child passes they don't go alone...they take half of you with can never be the same but it has to go on. We just have to thank God that death doesn't take away memoires and love.

Angie here are your twin 2nd cousins. Man I can only imagine you with them. You'd have a field day. Watch over them Angie. 

Merry Christmas 

to our precious

Mother, Daughter, Granddaughter,
Sister, Niece,

Cousin, Aunt and Friend

 This will be our 11th Christmas without Angie
and even though we miss her very much 
we know she is at peace with all her
Angel Friends

The one thing we'll always remember
about our precious Angie
is her beautiful smile.

You can count on her for always
being happy and trying to make
everyone else happy.
There wasn't anything should wouldn't
do for anybody.

Heaven was blessed when Angie she must be helping
out with all the baby Angels 
until their Mommy or Daddy
are with them again.

Angie's son is now 13 years old...
he turned 3 years old
3 weeks after her passing.
She would be so proud of
him...they would have made
a great team together.

Angie and her Mom 

Santa really loved Angie. 
I bet he still visits 
her in Heaven

Ho Ho Ho
a belly full of Angie

Angie's Grandmother, Her Mom, 
her little brother, Randy 
and her of course.

Life as it once was...


Letters to Santa

with memories of 
Grandparents and grandchildren

always glad to have 
family and friends
join us over the holidays 

to share a few treats

see all the stockings 
all hanging with care

A wreath at the door
to remind you at
good bye times
that the circle of the wreath
means we'll be with
you always

Our Christmas Angel
we love you and miss
you so much
but we did spend 
a little time with you
this Christmas 
doing this xo

Angie Robert's 10th Angelversary

Feb 24/80 - Oct 9/04

Thursday. October 9th 2014...we will sadly have to honor Angie's 10th Angelversary with broken hearts...this would never have been a choice of ours to want to honor a day like this...the last ten years without our precious Angie with us has been very long and very hard.
As a family we have always been very close and shared so many events and celebrations together...Since the passing of Angie 10 years ago, her name and memories was mentioned always. Gone but not forgotten...
Angie has missed out on all her sons birthdays, Halloweens, Christmas's, his first day of kindergarten and highschool, and won't be there to see him graduate...
Thanksgiving is a hard event to celebrate because that is when she passed could we be thankful that she was gone...never to be seen again...
Angie was the first granddaughter born to David and Louise. As her grandparents they have suffered emensely over the years...our circle of life has been broken...and so have all of our hearts.

A blue rose for our precious as the sky that we look up to, too send you a smile.

Angie is with God and Jesus anxiously waiting for the day her family is reunited with day Punkie and it will be forever...xo

Our darling little girl. She always loved the water.

We are all blessed to know Angie is watching down upon us and keeping us safe with her Angel Wings wrapped tightly around us xo

There has never been a day or night since Angie's passing that we haven't thought of her. There is no way to travel this journey an easy way...just got to take one minute at a time until you can take one hour at a time, and then one day at a time xo

Angie and her brothers and her son means more to me than life itself...I love you Angie so much and miss you...xoxoxo

So kind was Angie inside and out...she was a picture perfect person to all who loved her....So she was mischevous at times, it was all done with intended harm done to anyone...She loved all whom she knew....

For you Punkie on your 10th Angel date....given to you with love but wish I didn't have to ... 

We sure you'll be waiting Angie...because we know you're as anxious as we are to be reunited...the stories we will share....

Angie is a lucky girl, she is an angel with an angel watching over her. Bless her always xo

Our candles will be lit for you Angie xo

Forever and ever you'll live on as long as all who loved you are still here to do so xo

Time has gone by so quickly would be 34 years old now. You left when you were how would you look...would you have had more children...would you have gotten many questions we'll never have the answer to 

When the leaves fall it's easy to think of picking....walking in the woods and plaing at the park with loved the outdoors so much

The Idle of your Grandmother's eye... She thinks of you all the time...she has kept your site going for 10 years without ever complaining...she loves writing candles to you and all your Angel Friends.

Grandpy remembers your sweet and special Marilyn Monroes Happy Birthdays you both shared...he has many memories of you, but the one he likes the best is the day you were born and he held you.

Loving you and missing you is easy...we do it all the time

Our little baby girl Angie, gone to soon but never forgotten...
and never will you be xoxo

Our beautiful Daughter, Granddaughter, Mother, Sister, Niece, Aunt,Cousin and Friend
tragiclly died in a car accident in the wee hours of  the morning...all alone...
autoposy report says she died instantly after the car left the road, slid in the ditch till it hit a large culvert, which sent her car nose diving in the air...sending her flying into 3 trees...over a bunch of hedges...then the car rolled until it came to a stop. Apparently speed, alcohol, nor drugs was the cause of the accident...the question they asked is could have something ran into the road and she
avoided hitting it?
Nothing makes sense of that night...but people have to live with what happen and they will have to be judged one day by the most Almighty.
It has been nearly 10 years since Angie's passing and no matter what happened that night...she will never be coming back. We have learned to re-live without Angie being in at our family functions,  Angie not raising her son,  Angie not watching her family grow, Angie not seeing her friends families growing and expanding. Angie will never share a laugh or a joke or a secret with us because her life ended at 24 years old.

Angie left us all with Jeremy her son, who turned 3 years old 3 weeks after she died..and she also left us with many wonderful memories, some funny, some stupid, some crazy, some emotional but all of them touched us in special ways and they will never be forgotten...they continued to live on in our hearts and mind.
Thank you Angie for sharing such joy and love with us...what you left us with is more than some people ever get in a life time from someone.

Angie and her son had a fabulous relationship. They adored each other so much. She would get up at 5:00 am and take him to the park to play together before she had to go to work.
It's the saddest thing when a child loses a parent. When they are young they don't understand death...all they want to know is when is Mommy coming home. There was months of him waking up at night screaming for her and crying. I consoled him while trying to hide my wanting to scream and cry...

We love you Angie so much
and we miss you more than you'll
ever no


Angie was an outdoor person. She would rather be outdoors than indoors anytime...It didn't matter if it was Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn...she would always find funs things to do.

Many people say to me today, how much they seen Angie pushing Jeremy in his carriage and then stroller. 

Even as a youngest you would find Angie wanting to be outside more than inside. She loved to swim, camp, walk in the woods, pick apples, go strawberry picking, bbq, play name it...if it was outdoors she was there.

Nanny use to take the children outdoors alot and play with them. They loved to be pushed in their swing, swimming and playing outdoor games. She was always there to make them happy.

In June of 2009 Angie came to visit her Dad and I with Jeremy. I wanted to have a quite visit with, but her Dad asked me to make a big stone garden on the hill with him. I said no not today, Angie and Jeremy is here and I want to be with them. Wouldn't you know it Angie said, "I'll do it with you Dad" So I was on the top of the hill yaking my big mouth off about time being spent on I left them to do their thing, and I spent the day with Jeremy. 
The Garden turned out beautiful. When she passed in October I was so grateful for the garden...we know call it Angie's Garden. It was such a sad looking garden the first year....but ever since the flowers bloom like crazy and it's beautiful.
When I see gardens I think of Angie right away.

This isn't the garden Angie made, but hopefully she's in a garden like this today...she'd be happy!

Angie spent the day with her Aunt and they played fashion model. She did the kids makeup and took beautiful poses of them all. The kiddies sure like is one of Angie's poses. What little girl didn't feel special having makeup put on them.

We use to go up north when the children were younger on the weekends and on holidays. We had a house trailer and a man made lake. The kids loved it up there with their Aunt, Uncle and cousins. Here is Angie with her brothers and Dad.

 Angie and her cousin. Angie went away with her grandparents and met my sister and her family in Wildwood. Guess you can tell the girls were having a good time. 

My beautiful daughter growing up...
now my beautiful daughter is an Angel.
Never did I think I would ever be on this 
of only living with memories of
my daughter...Just not fair

As a little girl Angie loved to wear dresses. If you asked her wanted she wanted for a present it would always be a dress. When my sister got married Angie was the flower girl and one of my sons was the ring bearer. Angie loved her outfit...but had a little probably standing still at the ceremony. lol

Angie's Grandparents were very special to her. She adored them as they adored her. She was their first granddaughter. Over the years when Angie wanted something special they would make sure she got. It was not often Angie would ask for something, but there was 2 times that we went shopping and she fell in love with a dress for her graduation from grade 6...and another time she saw a Niki she wanted them. She could hardly leave them hanging in the store. What did Nanny and Grandpy do...they bought them for her...
She was so happy...I can still she her now.

Angie would always bring me roses. Even if it was just one...she knew I like them and she loved giving them...not matter what it took, she always found a way to bring them to your laughing right now, if you know what I'm thinking.
love you bebe girl

from Diana Moore 

Angie's nickname was Punkie...her Dad started calling her that when she was a little girl. We don't remember how he came up with the name but it sure did stick. 

from Diana Moore

from Jen Wood

My Shining Star

from Diana Moore




Angie you know I love chocolate cake very I'm going to be making you and me one tomorrow in honors of Mother's day! I know you'll be sending me some Heavenly roses that only I will be able to see....thank you so much for being my daughter and for being such a great Mother to Jeremy! xo

To our precious Granddaugther Angie...we hope you're going to have a great Mother's Day in Heaven...if you can look down at your family,  you'll see how much we miss you! Sending you lots of love and hugs sweetie!
All of our love

Nanny and Grandpy




Sure your little dog will be thinking of you also Angie...on Mother's Day!

from Diane Sprouse

From Maria Zollo

From all your family Angie we send you lots of hugs  filled with so much has been 10 years since we've got to spend Mother's Day with you..but not one have come that we don't continue to miss you more and our love keeps growing everyday for you <3

From LaRaine Mom of Cynthia Hernandez

Our Precious

February 24 1980 - October 9 2004

From Mom xo

Angie was and is our precious one and only daughter...she passed on 9 1/2 years ago today....she was the most vibrant, happy, caring, loving and devoted person you could meet. She may be gone but she hasn't been forgotten for one minute.
She left many with a broken heart and she took more than half of mine with her when she left...the tragic car accident she was in was fatal....
Angie had a son who turned 3 years old 3 weeks after her passing...and they are like two peas in a pot...she would be so proud of her son 12 yrs old he carries lots of her traits...
Life has never been the same without her, but she the love that she gave us continues to grow within so many of us...
Her grandparents miss her so very much...and her Grandmother honors her memories in all of our daily lives...bless her for being the best grandmother any girl could have....

By Diana Moore Mom of Chris Moore

From Diana Moore Mom of Chris Moore

From Diane Sprouse wife of Jr. Wright

Diana Moore

Diana Moore Mom of Chris Moore

From Diana Moore

From Diana Moore

From Diana Moore

Angie would have had so much fun with Jeremy in the woods with this old car...if only...

From Diana Moore

From Diana Sprouse wife of Jr. Wright

From Diane Sprouse

From Diane Sprouse

Diana Moore

Love you Angie from Mom xo

Diana Moore

Diane Sprouse

From Patty Harrington

Our beatiful daughter left us broken hearted, sad, and with an empty feeling deep inside us...But...she also left us with many fabulous memoreis and a son whom she adored...our lives would never have been the same if we didn't have Angie...even if it was for only 24 years...we believe we'll be with her again one day and it will be forever...with no more pain, hurt or lonliness.

From Barbara Lanerie


From Diana Moore Mom to Christopher Moore

From Diana Moore Mon to Christopher

From Barbara Mom of Jeremy from Grieving Mothers

From Teresa Hart

From Elizabeth Hogan Hayduk

From Cheryl A. Roy Mom of Kyle

Angie your son had fun playing with graphics with your and his pictures...he made this himself...I love that he is enjoying your birthday and having fun..I know if you were looking down you'd have a blast with this...he has your sense of humor,  the love of life like you had and always looking to have a good time...the apple didn't fall far from the tree 

From LaRaine Vasquez Jimenez Mom to Cynthia Hernandez

Angie will be celebrating her 10th Heavenly birthday without her family and friends by her our hearts and thoughts we'll be thinking of her like always...

From LaRaine Mom of Cynthia Hernandez

From Diane Sprouse wife of Jr. Wright

Angie I heard Jr. is going to be making you a b-day cake in Heaven for you and all you're friends...and his precious wife Diane is making you one down here...

From your Mom...have a great time celebrating Punkie

From LaRaine Mom of Cynthia Hernandez

Diane Sprouse made you some pizza and ice cream for your b-day

from LaRaine Mom to Cynthia Hernandez

From Diana Moore

Happy Birthday sweet Angie, Donna I hope u don't mind but I just love this picture of your Lil Angie and you..she looks so much like was so difficult making graphic's for Angie because I saw such a beautiful young girl who I have known since I came on Memory-of and how much she is loved and missed by you, her son Jeremey and your family..that it made me break down in tear's..I'm so sorry, Angie will always hold a special place in my heart..Sending love all the way to Heaven just for you Angie...♥♥♥
Love from LaRaine Mom of Cynthia Hernandez

Have double the fun with you're Angel Friends for your B-day Angie

From Petra van der Merwe Mom of Mauritz

From Diane Sprouse

From LaRaine Vasquez Jimenez Mom of Cynthia Hernadez

From Diane Sprouse wife of Jr. Wright

Angie while having my coffee this morning I was thinking how awesome it would be to have you here..and what did appear before my wondering eyes...
Love you Baby Girl, love Mom 

From Barbara Lanieri Mom of Danny

Marci Damm mother of Dustin

From Marci Damm Mother of Dustin

From Laura Maas Mother of Lisa

From Diane Sprouse wife of the late Jr. Wright...Angie Diane made you this cake and is sharing it with her friends tonight...wish I was there to get a piece...Isn't it beautiful?

From Garnet Jenkins 

From Diana Moore Mother of Christopher

From Sandy Thompson Mother of Mandi

From Cindy Outlaw Mother of BJ

From Diana Moore Mom of Chris

From Diana Moore Mother of Christopher

From Diana Moore Mother of Christopher

Happy birthday Angie hope you have a glass of champagne for your birthday with all your angel friends. Miss you sweetheart very much and I love you with all my heart.
Love your Nanny, Grandma Louise xoxo

From Petra van der Merwe Mom of Mauritz

From Petra van der Merwe Mom of Maurtiz

From Jan Piccolo
Jan Piccolo Mom of Nicolas 

From Melissa Elier

We got to spend 24 birthdays with you and everyone was a blast...we made it special and you topped it off with your laughter and happiness

From Diane Moore

From Diana Moore

From Holly Devegter Mom of Josh

From Diane Sprouse wife of the late Jr. Wright

Love from your Mom always and forever

We love and miss you so much
love Nanny and Mom

Angie Robert

February 24, 1980 - October 9, 2004

A beautiful Daughter, Mother, Sister, Granddaughter, Aunt, Niece, Cousin and Friend

From Diana Moore

Be ours Angie...we love and miss you so much...hope you have a great day celerbating with all your Angel friends...just don't forget to keep watching over us!
Love Nanny (Grandma Louise) and Grandpy

Angie i love chocolate but not as much as I love you...I wish the only choice I have now is not only to have the chocolate...if you were choice would be you!
Love and miss you Punkie 
Your Mom xoxo

Angie tragically passed away in a car accident. She was only 24 years old and a fantastic Mother to a little boy named Jeremy. He turned 3 years old, 3 weeks after her passing.

Angie left behind many broken hearts...her death
was sudden and never expected. 

Heaven must be a very special place

because it seems only the good die young.
In October of this year, Angie will be gone
10 years..and with the memories and 
her love of seems like she has only
been gone a very short while...

Her laugh, her smile, her jokes, her love of music
and people are as real today as they were when she was here!
She has left many of us with a broken heart and the wanting to see her and be with her is a wanting we have all the time.

Angie may be dead and gone physically from the world...but she is still here spiritually...and we feel her near us always.

We all have the hope of being with her again one day in a place with no sickness, no hurt, and no pain...together we'll be forever and ever!

From Diana Moore

Diane Sprouse

God is watching over our Angie
for us until we're with her again
and it will be forever and ever

An Angel on earth and now an 
Angel in Heaven

You'll live on forever

Angie and her dog...she
loved him so much

Angie never was seen 
without a smile

Happy New Years
is here but you're not

Diana Moore

Diana Moore

Diana Moore

we love and miss you so much

Our granddaughter who we love and miss
so much that our hearts have stayed
broken since the day she departed
love Grandma Louise and Grandpy

Diana Moore

Love your Mom

Diane Sprouse

Diane Sprouse

From Marsha Rernard Jacobs

Our little girl Angie

Our baby girl Angie

Our precious Angie

Angie Robert
Gone but never
Forgotten loved to walk in
the woods and pick 
Angie Robert

February 24 1980 - October 9 2004

24 years young 

angie has another site

htpp:// feel free to visit

Our little Punkie, around 4 years old

Our daugher at 24 years old...the age she'll always stay...

From Diane Sprouse wife of Jr. Wright

Happy Halloween
Angie Robert

From Your Mom...I know how much you loved Halloween
The scarier the better

Just like the costume you wore for Jeremy's 1st Halloween...from Mom

You're son's birthday is the day before Halloween..he's just like you...he loves it!
This was him around 7 yrs ago

Angie died at a very young age...she was 24 years old...I remember saying to her on her birthday....24 and there so much more....ha...who would have known nearly 8 months after saying that she would die in a tragic car accident....she left behind her son...he turned 3 years old, 3 weeks after her passing...
It has taken many years of grieving to be able to say I have found peace. I miss her more than any one could imagine...
The first five years was so hard...I have not accepted her death, nor will I ever...but I have come to terms with be able to enjoy her memoires and to share them...I have decided to think positive...
I know and believe 100% that I will be with her again one will be the most awesomest day in my life...
but for now...
I have to live for my other children, my grandchildren, my parents and my whole family and friends...
time goes to quickly and we just never know what can happen one second from now....
I know try to help other parents who have lost a child and are going through the darkest stages of grief...
They need to hear the name of their beloved one mentioned and to realize that they will never be forgotten...
One of the biggest fears a parent as...
To everyone who has always kept Angie's memories alive, and have shared words of comfort, and sent beautiful graphics...
Angie's Grandmother, Louise, her grandfather, my hubby, myself, Jeremy and all of her family appreciate from the bottom of our hearts.
All the Angel Families are very dear to us and we luv you all! xo

you would crack up over this

You partying for Halloween Angie

From Diane Sprouse wife of Jr. Wright

Angie our door is open if you want to come for Halloween...we'd love to see you...come for a visit...even if it's in our dreams...we love and miss you Angie so much. Love your Nanny Grandma Louise, and Grandpy xo <3

Our little girl...miss you Angie from Mom and Dad xo

Grandmama Donna and Jeremy the last Hallowen you had with your Mom...she put this big pumkin on your it was starting to go didn't want her to get rid of it.

Angie and her dog , she loved him so much

From Kathy Malone daughter of Helen Malone

My purr fect little girl xo

Which witch would you be on Halloween...a good witch or a bad witch?

From Diane Sprouse wife of Jr. Wright

Angie and her Dad...

From Kathy Malone daughter of Helen Malone

Our home will never be the same without you Angie xo

This is Angie's Grandmother Louise, and Grandfather David...she adored them and they adored her xo

Angie many years ago with her grandparents...who adored her very much...not fair they didn't get to say goodbye nor have her here with them...they miss and love her so much xo

She was our world

From my special friend Diane Sprouce wife of the late Jr. Wright

Angie and her son...they got to spend 2 years,11 months and 26 days together...they sure loved each other

From Diane Sprouse wife of the late Jr. Wright

We found so many feathers lately...we take them as a sign


Our precious Angie as she grew...until...Oct 9 2004

February 24 1980 - October 09 2004

All our her memories are stored in our hearts and if they were written in a book

How can our hearts not be broken?

An Angel she was

We all miss the joy and laughter she brought into our lives

Both From Diane Sprouse wife of the late Jr. Wright...thank you Diane

From Marci Damm Mother of Dustin Damm

Ange with her two brothers Ricky and Randy...Ang and Rick could't get enough of holding Randy

From LaRaine Mom of Cynthia Hernandez

From Marsi Damm Mother of Dustin Damm

From Marci Damm Mother of Dustin Damm

From Diana Moore Mother of Chris Moore

She was Daddy's little girl

and Mommy's little princess

Your Grandmother, Nanny Louise and you so many years were so special to her Angie...

From Kathy Malone daughter of Helen Malone

Angie her Grandmother and Mother...the 3 of us should still be together

From Sandra J Neville, Grandmother of Reece

My favorite Rose...a black one...I send to you with so much love
Angie you're the best there is, the best there was, the best there will always be

From your Mom xo xo

From Diane Sprouse wife of Jr. Wright

From Diane Sprouse wife of Jr. Wright

Love Mom

Angie's Mom and Dad in the good old d

of Jr. Wright
Love from Mom

From Diane Sprouse wife of Jr. Wright

From Kathy Malone daughter of Mam Helen

From Kathy Malone daughter of Mam Helen

From your Mom who loves you so much

Are you watching over me as I drive at night Punkie?

You took half my heart with you Angie

From Sandra J Neville Grandmother to Reece

From Gina Ragatz Dubyak

Jeremy was blessed with a truly wonderful Mother and she will be with him again one day. He misses and loves her very much. God must have a good reason for the good ones to die so young!

This is how I think of my daughter physically she is not here, but she lives in my heart every single day!
I love you Angie

This is Angie and Me, her Mom in Quebec City when she was around 11 yrs old.Love from Mom xo

Love From your Mom xo

My daughter and her son, my grandson, she should still be here raising him, the way she would have liked and to enjoy all the things in life he likes to do!
Love your Mom xo

My petal...Angie xo

Nanny and Grandpy's litle girl...who grew up to be a beautiful lady and blessed them with a great grandson. She adored her grandparents and they adored her...24 years was not enough time for them to be together...but one day they'll be with her again and it will be forever...Eternity....forever!

Angie's son misses his Mommy but he has her in his heart....He turned 3 years old, 3 weeks after her passing. The time they spent together was awesome. She loved being with him and he loved her! She had so much patience...her life was now dedicated to supporting and raising her son. It's sad to know that she is not here to raise him the way she would have liked too...but his Grandfather and I are trying our best...we love him so much. Watch over him Angie and us, and guide us to help him achieve in life and to always be happy!
Love Mom xo

Thank you Angie, these words give us comfort as it's so important to us all that you are resting in peace!

Angie loved life...she loved everyone in her life, and was a true friend to all. Family was very important to her. She had a dream of getting married one day...a dream that never came true...whenever her Dad got sick, she'd say "Dad you got to get better, I need you to walk me down the isle on day!"  Who would have guess she would die before her Dad or me, or before she got to have her special day!

An Angel on earth and an angel in Heaven

From Marci Damm Mom to Dustin

From Diane Sprouse wife to Jr. Wright

Love From Mom and Dad xo

From Diane Sprouse wife to Jr. Wright

I love you Mommy xo Love Jeremy xo

Angie you made us proud to see how dedicated you were to motherhood. You did an awesome job with your son, and we know if you were here raising him, he would have had the best!
Love you Mom and Dad xo

From Diane Sprouse, wife to Jr. Wright

Jeremy with his Mommy, his Grandma Donna and his Great Grandmother, Louise, (Grandmother to Angie, My Mom)
Happy Mother's Day Angie and Mom
Love you both so much
Donna xo

You are loved and missed by so many Angie

Angie it breaks my heart not to have you with me. I know this is part of life, but I just can't get over your passing. You were so special to me. You made my life so thrilling and beautiful. How I wish every day this never happen. I speak your name and the tears I have to hold back...even though everyone says my voice cracks...I never expected to lose a grandchild Angie...and I don't know how I am expected to get over it! I hurt and I miss you so much.

Today and Always

From Gina Ragatz Dubyak Mom to Brooklyn

From MyChild Has Wings

From Gina Ragatz Dubyak Mom to Brooklyn

From Mom xo

Love from your Grandmother and Grandfather,
Louise and David xo

From Mom xo
Remembering our baby girl, who grew up to be a beautiful, loving and caring person, but never got to fulfill her journey here on earth. Hugs Mom and Dad xo

From Mom xo

From Angie's son Jeremy xo

From Mom

From Mom xo

From Diane Sprouse Wife to Jr. Wright

From Diane Sprouse wife to Jr. Wright

From Diane Sprouse wife to Jr. Wright

From Diane Sprouse Wife to Jr. Wright


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JOAN~ROBERT'S SISTER Thinking of you back here Angie on your Birthday February 24, 2019
JOAN~ROBERT'S SISTER Happy Heavenly Birthday Angie, GB you always xoxo February 24, 2019
‏القلوب ان ما وفت لأحبابها ما هي قلوب .. ‏والعِشره اللي ما ترد الروح ما نسعى لها ..
JOAN~ROBERT'S SISTER Donna this is for you Love & hugs xoxo January 21, 2019
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Happy New Year
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