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Angie Robert
Born in Canada
24 years
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Life story
February 23, 1980
This date would bring me back to the day before Angie was born...

I went to my doctors appointment, thinking this would be the last one until she is born...her due date was February 24, 1980...her doctor told me...oh oh, she won't be here for another week or two...No way I thought I did this with her brother and I'm not doing it again...I told him, I'm going to my Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow and I'm going to dance the night away until she decides to come...he laughed and told me to have fun...but be careful...he didn't know me...I danced alright...I did the twist and was able to wobble up and down throughout the whole song...the party ended in the wee hours of the night...I got home, got into bed, woke up because here I was peeing in my I jumped out of wasn't was my water breaking...

Yeah I was right...she is coming...and not in a week or two...mind you...I was told I was going to have a boy 99.9% I was really excited to have my second little boy arrive...after the ouch, ooch and a few grunts...out came my little baby girl Angie...I was in denial...I told them there was a mistake...I was having a boy...get me my boy I said...they weren't wrong of course...I mean there she was attached to me and staring at the big world she yes for two weeks my heart was broke because I didn't have a boy...I had three sisters in my life and I always wanted a brother so when I decided I wanted children...I wanted only wrong I was...about the time when Angie was two weeks old, something happen...I look at my little daughter and I felled in love...she was my little girl, who I could dress up, and fix her hair, and bake with, and shop with,...and...and...and...all the things we did do for the 24 years she was with me....

I love her so much...she was so kind and loving. She was the perfect little girl with manners and respect...and always smiling at everyone except Santa...she was so scared of Santa for many years...
she loved going on trips with her Nanny and Grandpy...they would spoil her and buy her expensive clothes...she had her Aunts and Uncles who adored her and gave her so much respect and love. She was an Angel on earth to all their children, seeing she was older than they were...her two brothers admired her, and would do anything for her. Her cousins were so close they were like her siblings. They loved her so much...she would play so many things with them, and always with so much patience and love. She loved her family.

We are a blessed family, because we do all love each other so much and we care for one another, and even through a death...our family still is a family of 5. Angie may be gone from earth...but she lives in our hearts and thoughts daily...over and over again...She left us with wonderful and precious memories, which we all treasure.

As Angie reached her teen years...she was a bit of a wild child...she like to experiment and have fun. She had no fears...School was not her thing...her high school years were challenging to her, because she really didn't want to be there.  She loved her family and friends and would do anything for them without a hesitation...but school...well that's where I think I got some of my white hairs...she loved to be with friends and party...she loved music, it was her passion...she got carried away sometimes, but always had a good time.

Angie was lucky to have had all her friends in her life that she started grade 1 with...we lived in a small village and everyone knew everyone...and they knew what everyone was secrets in a small was well liked and people just loved being around her. She helped her friends as much as she could in all sorts of way...they were great with her.

As she got older, she fell for an older guy 10 yrs her senior...he was nice when she first started with him...but I knew he wasn't the guy she should fall in love with and want to spend the rest of her life with...but she wouldn't listen to me...and she fell in love...he brought so much heartache and pain into her life. She lived with him and ended up getting pregnant. She didn't plan this pregnacy because she knew he was stabled to have a child, but she thought well maybe this is meant to be and that maybe he would change his way of life...beep...wrong...she tried to stay with him, but when the baby was a year old, she decided enough was enough and she became a single Mom. This broke her heart because she really wanted a family setting for her boy. She had strong morals and values...

Leaving him, didn't make her life any easier...she had many problems inflected upon her...she was strong and brave and made a life for her and her son.She worked her butt off to support him, with no help from...well you know who...

Than a Prince Charming entered her life...she had a whole 5 months of being spoiled and treated as she phrased it to me one night..."I feel like a Princess" I was so happy for her...she was smiling again, she was being treated with respect and dignity...she was being wined and dined and like a lady should be...and her son was getting the attention of a father figure and was happy also.

Whatever happend the night she died...who knows...apparently no witness. All I know is that her car left a small country road, just over a hill and her car took a ditch, slide till the end of it, hit a colvert, it through the car in the air, it came down head first, and threw the car into two trees, knocking down big branches and than flew over big tall hedges and flipped on the ground until it came to a stop...
Apparently, they said she had to have died instantly..

They said she had 3 head tramas and she was squished from the neck down to thighs...she had a broken leg...anyways she was banged up pretty bad...hell she must have she friggin well died.

I hated them saying that...I wanted to bring her home and help her get all better...I was willing to help her walk again, to talk again, to do everything again...but they kept saying I couldn't because she was brain didn't want to believe that...

HOW COULD MY LITTLE GIRL BE GONE...this doesn't happen to people you know...this doesn't happen to your child...I'm dreaming this...that's right...when I was woken up to be told about her accident...I only thought I woke up...but I was still dreaming...

NO, NO, NO, NO, I'm not dreaming...because we had a wake for her, a church service for her and she has never walked through my door in nearly 8 years, not has she called me...

Death...the end of life on earth...did I know all this would happen the day before she was born????

NO, did I ever think there was something that cause so much pain and anger...NO! I love God and Jesus and I always thought they were our protectors and healers...At that time...I didn't like God any could he be so mean...what did Angie ever do...what did I do...why? why? why?

God and Jesus were my protectors and healers, without them I would never have gotten through this...I spoke to them so much during my years of uncontrollable grief...and they did give me the strength to go on and release my anger.

The endurance of he healing process has no time limit...I have learn to worship and appreciate each day given to me, and be thankful that I did have Angie in my life...even though it wasn't that long...but I know I will be with her again, because she is my child and we will have enternity a place with no hurt, no sickness and no death...

I know Jesus was with Angie when she had her accident and he was holding her hand as she continued on her next journey in life. It's comforting to know she has him in her life. Angie did believe in God and Jesus, so I know she wouldn't have been scared with him.

But as a Mom...I was suppose to protect her from getting hurt and to be there for her when she needed someone....I wasn't there with my baby...she spent about 3 1/2 hours in that car...alone and in a uncomfortable position...

Does it matter if my child was 24 years old...does it matter that she was old enough to have a child of her own...does it matter that she probably didn't feel the pain...NO NO NO NO

I picture that accident and I know everything happened quickly...but did she scream...did she call out any of our names...did she say a quick prayer...did she know she was going to die...did she pass away instantly, or did she suffer for awhle...did she watch her body leave the site of the accident and feel bad because she knew what her family was going to go through now..

Did I know all these things the day before she born...NO not at all...but I wouldn't have changed anything...except be with her in a house some where on the 9th of October and not go any where...
February 24, 1980

Born in Canada Montreal, Quebec on February 24, 1980.




Angie was born in Montreal, on a cold winter day! I had gone to my Grandparents 50th wedding Anniversary and I danced the night away on the 23rd. I got home late, got in bed and around 3:30 my water broke...Off to the hospital I went. She was born exactly 12:00pm, noon on Sunday!




Angie was a big surprise because they told me I was definetly having a baby boy! What a shock, when a little girl came out. At first I was disappointed, because I always wanted thirteen children, but perferrable boys, as I never had any brothers.




Angie's Dad, said the doctors were wrong, that I was having a girl. Actually, he said I have a son, now I want a daughter and that's what your going to have. Imagine...I DID!




We knew from when we first met if we ever had a little girl we were going to call her Angie. We loved the song from the Rolling Stones, and we wanted that name so much for her. Angie always said if she had a little girl, she was going to call her Angel. Wouldn't that have been beautiful...Angie and Angel!




Let me tell you, when I fell in love with Angie, it was like a kind of love I never knew. She was the most precious and adoreable little girl to me.




We shared many moments and many girlie things right up until she passed away, and I will never forget one thing that I had the pleasure of sharing with her.




February 20, 1981

Angie's first birthday was celebrated by her having a full cast on her leg. Eight adults in the kitchen and were all watching the stairs, and gabbing. Guess what happened?


Boom Bang Boom, down the stairs she went, right in her walker. Anige


August 24, 2003

Angie always had very dark black hair, except for when she was born. She had no hair for nearly three years, and when she did it was blonde. Once it turned dark brown around four years of age, it stayed that way.


Of course as Angie experienced her teenage years, she changed the colored but  usually to a brown or reddish tint. At the age of 23 she decided to go blonde. A friend of Angie's worked on her hair for months to get it the right shade of blonde she wanted. Finally, it was going to be an easy job to keep her hairing looking the way she wanted, with the help of her friend. He was a hairdresser for people who were on television. She adored him, and thought he was the best. Unfortunately, not long before Angie's passing, he passed away also. Angie was so devastated, not only will she not be able to keep her hair the color and style she wanted now, but her good friend was gone. It bother Angie a lot. How she thought he was so young. (Yet he was older than her) I will always remember how gorgeous he made her feel and look.


A friend of her who is a proffessional photograph took pictures of her one day posing at a rest stop, with her beautiful hair style. She loved this pictures.


Angie was a beauty Know matter what color her hair.

October 9, 2004

Passed away on October 9, 2004.


This is the car Angie was in when it crashed!